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Bearing in mind the iconic model Triumph, Mr Martini has rielaborated the unique appeal of this motorbike with style and experience boosting its features.
Mr Martini’s Scrambler is a style concept which is expressed in a number of selected items to customise this bike with exclusivity.
For this reason it is not possible to buy the parts separately with the exception of the Seat Kit, which is the key element of the bike’s design. Only in this way it becomes unique.

The examples in the photos are the combinations resulting from years of experience and accurate stylistic choices. Our customer can, however, choose the colour of the seat and fuel tank according to his/her tastes and needs with Mr Martini’s exclusive advisory service.

The manufacturing and delivery time amounts to 30 days approximately.

Please note that in order to fit the seat, the frame rear part must be shortened, therefore it is recommended to rely on expert hands.

There are two different variants: Off Road with an adventure spirit, and On Road for the urban jungle. However, it is also possible to mix these 2 styles.

Off Road

Pedane anteriori Off road

Off road front footrests

Manodopera di realizzazione

Manual labour
Kit faro posteriore porta targa off road

Off road rear light licence plate kit

Ammortizzatori posteriori Ohlins

Adjustable Ohlins rear suspensions
Parafanghi off road (ant./ post.)

Off road fenders (front /rear)

Kit Sella Mr Martini

Seat Kit by Mr. Martini
Indicatori neri

Black or aluminium indicators

Traversino manubrio

Handlebar Brace Kit
Griglia faro

Headlamp grille kit

Kit rapporti corti

Short gear rations kit
Carter pignone forato

Sprocket cover drilled

Scarico completo Zard Martini omologato corto

Zard exhaust system

On Road

Parafanghi in alluminio (ant.e post.)

Aluminium fenders (front-rear)
Kit faro posteriore porta targa off road

Off road rear light licence plate kit

Kit Sella Mr. Martini

Seat Kit by Mr. Martini
Piastra paramotore alluminio

Aluminium skid plate


Baloon Grip
Manodopera di realizzazione

Manual labour

Manubrio Flat Track

Flat Track Handlebar
Verniciature personalizzate

Custom painting

Supporti faro anteriore lsl

Lsl brackets headlight
Indicatori alluminio

Aluminium indicators

Kit cartucce matris anteriori

Front Cartridge Matris Kit
Ammortizzatori posteriori Ohlins

Ohlins rear suspensions